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             **Notes for Hot Water Change Overs**

Hot water change over monthly specials are available for weekdays in Perth metro. Weekend work may incur a surcharge.
When clicking “View unit price and specifications” the product page displays product images and specifications only, the pricing shown on the product page is the supply only price and does not include installation.
Pricing is the supply and install price, taking into account the following notes:

1,   Supply and installation of a brand new unit with full manufacturer’s warranty.
2,   Changeover of existing external gas hot water system in the same location.
3,   Connection to hot, cold and gas points in the same location.
4,   The cost of additional works is not included. If the unit needs to be relocated due to non-compliance or the existing gas line needs upgrading a quote prior to commencement of works will be provided for approval.
5,   An electrical power point and electrical safety switch for continuous flow hot water units are required. If they are not available there will be an additional cost to install them.
6,   Price includes using the existing valves. Non-compliant or incorrect valves will need to be replaced at an additional cost.
7,   All jobs will be issued with a compliance certificate at an additional cost of $35.00

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